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Jump start your day to deliver better!

VectraFORM is a leading New Product Development Solutions(NPD) provider integrating IT into design, development and manufacturing. Our solutions always come with our experience of handling major projects for various leading companies in India and worldwide thus providing faster deployment and accelerated results. 


Our focus on product development from concept-to-prototype-to-manufacturing helps companies to leverage the use of CAD/CAM/CAE and RE/RP/CNC techniques to maximize profits by enhancing the product life cycle, decreasing costs and improving quality.


Our focus is supported with a vision to provide total solutions to our clients.  Our one point solution approach to our client requirements enable them to integrate all their resources and data together using our cross-functional teams.

Ship out your products quicker than ever before!

Accelerate NPD! Enable Digital Manufacturing! 

Our Core Services


New Product Design, Product Reverse Engineering, Optimization, Prototyping, Soft Tooling, Small Volume Production

3D Scanning/Re-Engineering

3D scanning off-site/on-site for engineering/non-engineering objects.  Re-design or reverse engineering for prototyping or manufacturing or tooling.  Quick turn-around by teams at our office/factory/on-site.

3D Inspection

3D Inspection of engineering components or assembly for Geometry or GD&T.  Comparison of CAD Vs Actual Component or assembly for Go/NoGO checking for quick delivery to customers.

3D Printing

FDM, DLP, SLA, SLS, LOM and 3D Metal Printing.  Small Volume Production. Rapid Tooling (with internal cooling). Surgical models and medicl implants using SS316, CoCr, Ti64, etc

CNC Machining

Subtractive Manufacturing, Electrode making, Soft Tooling in light metal such as Al, Cu, Brass, etc.  Direct manufacturing of parts for form, fit and function.

Small Volume Production

Plastics, Light metal parts, Castings, Machined parts in Quantity between 5-500 offered for initial testing or small batch requirements of specific needs.